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The Embedding Lesson Study course has been developed in partnership and with the Sheffield Institute of Education at Sheffield Hallam University.  Participants will develop their knowledge to design and implement an effective programme of collaborative professional learning by examining different models of teacher enquiry including Lesson Study, Collaborative Lesson Research (CLR) and Disciplined Inquiry.

About the course

The course will consist of three face-to-face training days, participants will have the option to join either the London or Sheffield cohort. The course is highly developmental and challenging and will provide participants with the opportunity to develop their understanding of the principles of collaborative professional learning, how participants can collaborative enquiry into practice and sustain this into their context.

Participants are encouraged to critically reflect on their professional learning. This aspect of the programme is led by Julie Jordan and draws on contemporary research into collaborative professional learning and lesson study and has been developed with academic accreditation in mind. Participants are supported to produce a professional portfolio of evidence that can support progression to Masters level study.

Aimed at:

  • Deputy Headteachers (Teaching and Learning, CPD)
  • Research Leads
  • CPD Leads
  • Lead Practitioners
  • Curriculum Specialists
  • MAT Director (Teaching and Learning, CPD, Research)
  • Classroom Teachers (with an interest in educational research)

Professional Learning Outcomes 

Participants will complete a reflective portfolio to demonstrate the following professional learning outcomes:

  • Critically evaluate a range of professional and research evidence
  • Apply their knowledge and understanding to design a model of teacher enquiry
  • Implement their design and critically reflect on their experiences
  • Gather evidence to evaluate and disseminate findings

Course content

Day One – Principles of leading collaborative professional learning

Participants will explore the latest evidence on professional development, as well the DFE’s Standard for Teachers’ Professional Development. Participants will also be introduced to different collaborative enquiry models.

Intersessional activity – Portfolio element one

Day Two – Leading collaborative enquiry in practice

Participants will examine the conditions needed for effective collaborative professional learning to take place, and explore the different cultural practices and challenges that exist when adapting different models of enquiry. There will practical guidance provided on how to structure, research and evaluate your collaborative enquiry model.

Intersessional activity – Portfolio element two

Day Three – Sustaining effective teacher-led enquiry

Participants will be supported to share their model of collaborative enquiry and explore how they can further sustain enquiry in their own context.

Intersessional activity – Portfolio element three and four


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